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Dave is a trainer with extreme passion for public speaking. He brings laughter, joy, entertainment and enriching knowledge to his workshops. He always believe training and workshops can be fun and yet enriching.
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Analyzing fear diffuses its power. “Analysis paralysis” is when you mull over something, study it, ask the opinion of your friends, family, or even strangers in the coffee shop to the point where you’re essentially powerless to take action because you’re over-thinking the situation.

Having “analysis paralysis is not a good place to be, and is generally a real problem for people who tend to be perfectionists, afraid of making a mistake, afraid of failure, or even for some desiring success.

As is so often the case, though, there is an exception to the general rule of over analyzing things. When it comes to fear, give the following a try.

Stare right at fear, put it under microscopic scrutiny and wallow in the mud with it. Look at it from all different angles, take it apart, and pin point exactly where the “fear” in the situation lies.

To start, let’s look at the most common fear, that of public speaking. Now, public speaking is something most people fear more than death. “Speak to the Junior League? No thanks, I’d rather be run over by a Mac truck.”

It is time to let the analyzing begin. What exactly are people afraid of about speaking? Technically, unless you have the unfortunate habit of talking to yourself when others are around, all speaking is public speaking. If you talk and someone hears, that is public speaking. You could, of course, make the argument that speaking on the phone isn’t public speaking.

So let’s look at that for a moment. Would you be comfortable speaking on the phone if more than one person were listening in? How about if more people were in on the conversation? Is there a magic number at which point talking over the phone would give you butterflies? If so, what would that number be, exactly?

When you’re imagining yourself speaking in public, where does the fear lie? You don’t really think you’ll suddenly develop a speech impediment that you’ve never had before, do you? Of course not. You know intellectually that won’t happen. You could make a mistake though, right? You very well may misspeak, or lose your place. I have news for you. It happens to professional speakers all the time, and it’s no big deal.

Have you ever listened to a speaker that did not ONCE pause to collect her thoughts, or accidentally mispronounce a word? What did you do? I’ll bet you thought nothing of it. Most likely it probably slipped right off your radar screen, and you didn’t even think about what happened afterward.

When you’re thinking about what you fear, it may even serve you to think of the absolute worse case scenario. Make it outrageous, and please, keep it very melodramatic, as though you were watching a play. It is crucial here to stay “outside” of the situation, and don’t actually generate any negative emotion.

So there you are, watching yourself speak in public (deep breath, please) and you mispronounce a word. See then, you’re easily correcting the word. If it’s a truly funny mistake, laugh at it with the audience. Can you see how self-confident you are?

How do you handle things when you lose your place? Simple, pauses are extremely effective for your audience, they need time to process information. You pause, you glance at your notes, then you resume what you are talking about.

Can you think of something truly outrageous that you’d be afraid might happen? What is it? What would you do? In each situation, toss around ideas for yourself so you’ll know how to handle the great feared circumstance. Expand this skill to other endeavors. One such situation might be when you would like to ask for a raise.

For any given situation you must think about what could happen and how you would handle it. Look at each detail you think you’re afraid of, play it out on stage first, find your response, and see yourself calmly handling it.

And Now, whatever that thing is you fear, go out and conquer it. You know deep down, don’t you, that you really can handle it. It is not really a big deal at all, just some unknown that you can overcome because your intelligence and ability to figure out a solution is much, much bigger than your fear.

When you are old, and wearing purple, won’t you be tickled with yourself that when you were able, you took risks, that there were times when you were afraid and you took the step, and did it anyway?

And won’t your experience enrich not only your own life, but be a great example for some other young woman who wants to do something, but is, right now, a little afraid?

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Social media tools offer internet users many options for finding things of interest quickly and easily. Rather than go through the sometimes tedious searching with search engines, social bookmarking let’s you quickly narrow your search down to what you’re looking for. Many of the social media sites will show you the most popular links as well as the ones most recently added. One area that social bookmarking has made fun and easy is online “social shopping.”

Social shopping is becoming a popular activity for many individuals. Rather than browse through store after store online looking for a particular item, social shopping gives shoppers the chance to find what they’re looking for quickly, particularly when the social shopping.

Online shopping takes place in different forms such as ThisNext, Kaboodle, ProductWiki and MyItThings. Each of these social shopping websites offers something a little different for online shoppers. Kaboodle is an online shopping center where shoppers of similar interests can meet and shop.

ProductWiki is an online site that offers price comparisons and product reviews. Every shopper should have this site bookmarked. Each of these online shopping sites contributes towards making your online shopping experience one of a kind.

Social bookmarking can make social shopping fun and extremely easy, particularly when your most popular shopping places are bookmarked. Shoppers looking for new bargains or fun places to shop can go to their favorite social bookmarking sites and search away. If there are any new online shopping sites to go to, you’re going to find them on your social bookmarking sties.

You’re probably wondering how sbookmarking sites can have so much to offer for shoppers using social shopping. No longer will you have to waste hours browsing online for the right store that sells what you’re looking for at a price you can afford. I know I used to spend literally hours browsing and searching online only to discover I may be saving a few dollars but it took me hours to accomplish this.

Social bookmarking will eliminate all that time wasted looking for the best place for your social shopping. With social shopping with social media tools, you are just one click away from finding the most popular online stores and the best prices. If you’ve been considering that latest Tommy watch, it won’t take more than a few minutes to find out what other shoppers are saying about it. You’ll also be able to find the online store that offers it at the best price.

One of the main advantages of social media shopping is that it brings the many versions of many products all in one place for your shopping convenience. Social bookmarking makes shopping fun, easy and convenient.

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Anger is a universal emotion. Everyone has it. Business men, doctors, house wives, people in China, people in America and the president. Everyone recognizes an angry face and what it means. It’s universal, something that we come to understand at a young age. Every country and culture has anger in their everyday lives.

Anger is an important survival tool for human beings. When we face a threat, we either attack or run away. Many other animals act in the same way, as it’s built into all of our brains. Anger fuels that attack and leads to either survival or our untimely demise. Anger can either help us or hurt us. It can even cause heart attacks if left unchecked.

When it comes to anger, there are a lot of myths out there. Many of these are outright incorrect and need to be dispelled right away. One big myth is that men are angrier than women. Studies have shown that women are just as angry as men. The average occurrence of anger seems to be right around once or twice a week. When men are angry, they do tend to have more intense anger and women seem to experience anger for a longer period of time.

The next myth is that anger is bad. Anger serves many purposes, including helping to handle and relieve stress. It gives you a burst of energy or enthusiasm to help you stand up for what you believe in. It can help you defend yourself from different fears and from insecurity.

Another myth is that anger is good. While anger isn’t bad, in some cases it can also not be good. If anger causes injury, damage to property, drugs, ulcers or any other type of damage, then it is definitely not good.

A common myth is that anger is only a problem when you cannot control it. Research shows that as few as 10 percent of people actually show their anger when they experience it. The other people suppress their feelings and keep the anger to themselves. This is not healthy and can lead to serious health risks. People that suppress their anger need anger management just as much as the people that let their anger come out.

Anger is only in the mind. This is another myth that is far from true. Emotions are mostly physical reactions. Some people will experience a tight chest, or other reaction in different parts of their body when angry. Your heart rate increases, you breathe faster and your temperature even goes up before you know you are angry.

Another myth is that only certain types of people get angry. This is very untrue. Research shows that all types of different people can have anger issues. People such as college students, bus drivers, policemen, lawyers, house wives, children, men, women and people of different ethnicities, cultures and religions experience anger.

Anger appears after a human conflict. This is another myth. Many people get mad at inanimate objects for seemly no reason whatsoever. Different things cause anger in different people. The most important thing is to understand why and then you can work to control it.

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19 Jul

5 Keys to Happy Life

Posted in Motivation

Prosperity consciousness involves adopting a mindset that leads to a life of thriving, success, good fortune, happiness and health. It is cultivated by choosing thoughts that affirm the infinite abundance of the Universe, and releasing negative beliefs systems that perpetuate the appearance of lack.

Prosperity and abundance is your birthright, although you might be sabotaging your ability to attract it to you by harboring negative thoughts that keep it just out of reach. I have highlighted five key ingredients needed to unleash the wellspring of prosperity that is waiting at your doorstep.

1. Release Any Limiting Beliefs About Money

Many of the beliefs we have about money are handed down to us by our family members. Taking a personal inventory of your beliefs about money can be very enlightening. Maybe you were taught that “money is the root of all evil” or “there is never enough to go around” or “having money isn’t spiritual”.

When you become aware of negative thought patterns you hold surrounding the topic of money, you are now in a position to turn your negative thoughts into positive affirmations. Releasing limiting beliefs about money opens the doorway to the infinite abundance available to you at all times.

2. Realize Prosperity Comes In Many Forms

Prosperity is the condition of enjoying abundance, success and good fortune. It is so much more than simply having money in the bank. Holding a newborn baby, watching a sunset on the beach, and spending time with your best friend are only a few examples of the fruits of an abundant life.

Take some time to look around and notice the myriad of ways the Universe has blessed you with abundance. Prosperity consciousness is more about how you feel about your life than about what you have in the way of material possessions. If you feel prosperous and abundant, than regardless of your current circumstances, you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

3. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

Life loves a grateful heart. When you are truly grateful for all that you have you become a magnet for greater good to come into your life. Instead of focusing your attention on what you DON’T have, spend some time focusing your attention on what you DO have.

Thank the Universe often for the abundance in your life. Affirm that you are worthy of a glorious future filled with love and success. From the depths of your soul, breathe in the knowing that there is plenty for everyone including you. Allow gratitude to shape your worldview into one that reflects an infinite flow of all good things to you.

4. Release Any Expectations of HOW and WHEN

Expectations sabotage your ability to be truly open to a multitude of avenues of prosperity and abundance. If your good has to come to you in a specific manner in order for you to recognize it and appreciate it, you might be waiting a long time.

By releasing any expectations over HOW and WHEN prosperity will show up in your life, you open the door for miracles to unfold in the present moment without being attached to the outcome. Focusing your attention on the effort you put forth in any situation while simultaneously releasing your attachment to the outcome is very freeing. It allows the Universe to handle the details from a broader perspective and keeps your attention in the present moment.

5. Bless and Prosper Those Around You

If you are critical of people who have money you are unknowingly creating a stopgap in your ability to receive greater amounts of prosperity. Universal law dictates that you get back what you give in life. You can’t complain about the over privileged upper class and concomitantly attract more prosperity to yourself in the process. It doesn’t work that way.

Instead of criticizing those who have more than you get into the habit of blessing those around by wishing them a prosperous and happy life. Reveling in the good fortune of others automatically attunes you to the same good fortune. What you want for others you also want for yourself.

The world around you reflects the thoughts you hold in mind. As you become aware of the negative thoughts that are perpetuating lack in your life, turn each one into an affirmation for prosperity and abundance. The Universe will respond in kind by sending a plethora of amazing things your way.

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Staying motivated regardless of your personal situation at all times is challenging. Although most people have the basic understanding how important motivation is to stay focus and achieve success in life, many of us do not have the slightest idea how to remain motivated in life.

Staying motivated

Motivation is an undisputed factor in attaining success. All throughout history, all kinds of people ranging from a student to a businessman, have realized their dreams because they have the “drive” and motivation to succeed. However, it is also a fact that most of the time, there are simply excuses that counter the motivation that started us to do some things in the first place. A good example was my dad. He excitedly started a physical exercise in a local gym to hopefully reduce his waistline.

But within a week, he started having excuses not to go to the gym such as being too tired or having not enough time or energy. Within a month, the exercise that he started became a thing of the past. It was a classic example of being unable to stay motivated for a long time. If this trend is to continue, how can you expect to stay motivated in life? The discussion below though, will focus on how to stay motivated for a shorter term, especially in college.

Retaining motivation in College

There are studies about freshmen students showing a high dropout rate at such an early year in college. So what are the reasons why the initial excitement of going to college fizzle out and the things that you can do to prevent it? Perception, where you are so excited with the options that degrees will open up for you but would have to wait for at least four boring years to get it, is apparently the most common reason. Here are some of the practical things that you can do to stay motivated and more focused in the entire four years of college.

Set up your goals in life. Knowing your direction in life is important. The most concrete thing that you can do is to always keep in mind that it is the college degree that will take you to your dreams. Develop a positive attitude towards learning and earning your qualifications.

Do homework. Assignments and homeworks are the boon of being a student but giving up on them because they are difficult is definitely a no-no. Instead of giving up, seek help from experts and friends. Start with the easier part of the work but be sure to keep the deadline in mind. This makes it easier to complete the task at hand.

Do away with things that slow you down. Be sure to settle away personal issues that can potentially drag you into inactivity such lack of motivation, procrastination, and even low confidence. While aiming high is a good mindset, try to set a more realistic expectation in any of your tasks.

Reward yourself. Look for yourself all the time. After completing a difficult task, you may want to give yourself a pat in the back to make yourself feel good. Doing this regularly can create miracles in boosting up your confidence as well as raising your motivation level a notch higher.

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